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Book Your Injectable Party!

You can book MRC Beauty Injectors for a private party at our office or in your home. One of our licensed medical professional injectors and at least one assistant will educate you and your guests in a fun and informative manner. These events are a great girl’s night/day out treat for new patients and those who are pros at receiving treatments.

In order to secure a date, time, and an injector, a non-refundable deposit of $300 must be paid by the hostess which is good towards the services rendered on the day of the event. Our party minimums are six participants. Each participant will need to pay $200 which will guarantee 20 units of Xeomin. Please note – more units may be purchased during the party for $8/unit.

Filler can also be pre-purchased & injected during the event. Please note that those party participants that want filler injections will need to do a detailed phone consult with our medical staff &/or beauty coordinator prior to accepting their payment and placing their order for filler at least 72 hours in advance of the event.

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Injectable Parties

Benefits Of Mrc Injectables Parties

Benefits to the party host are as follows:

One free unit of Xeomin for every 10 units purchased by party guests
Four free units of Xeomin for every syringe of filler purchased
The distinction of throwing the best damn party ever – that your guests will remember every time they look at their plump pucker and line-free face!

We do understand that this is a party, but we retain the right to deny services to anyone we deem to be under the influence of any substance that would preclude giving informed consent, or who is belligerent or deemed unfit for service for any reason by our beauty staff.

Also, for those guests that do not show up for the event but have paid deposits and/or paid for filler in advance, these payments will be final and non-refundable. But dollars paid may be used for services at a later date during normal MRC beauty business hours. We get it…life happens!

We welcome more party attendees, however we must service those who have paid deposits first before we service drop-ins. For unexpected drop-ins, we cannot guarantee enough product, or their preferred product type. We will not inject filler into anyone who has not done a phone or in-person consultation with one of our licensed medical professionals.

In-Office Parties

In Office Parties (3 hours) – non-refundable $300 deposit

  • Xeomin $9.25/unit for first 20 units, $8/unit after that
  • 20% discount on pre-purchased filler
  • 25% off all skincare
  • Refreshments/cheese tray

The host may bring other refreshments and decorations (please no adhesives on MRC property) as desired.

In-Home Parties

In Home Parties (4 hours) – non-refundable $500 deposit

  • Xeomin $10/unit for first 20 units, $8/unit after that
  • 15% discount on pre-purchased filler

Skincare sold offsite is licensed esthetician is present.

Please note, in-home parties require access to fresh running water and bathroom facilities as well as an appropriate clean, private injecting environment. The beauty consultant will work hand-in-hand with the hostess to make sure the venue meets our injecting standards. Finally, although it is your event and your home, we reserve the right to withhold service should the MRC staff deem the client or environment be one that is unsafe or inhospitable.

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