Update your look in three steps

Modern Rejuvenation

Update your look in three steps

Starlets, can you look in the mirror and truly say, “I’m feeling myself”. No, why not? Is it because of the big blackheads, the dry patches or the same makeup look since freshman year of high school? Come on, you have got to show yourself more attention. Give yourself a facial. Learn a new makeup trick. If you don’t take care of yourself and show yourself some love, well who will? It’s true. Not only will you be able to tell, but other people will too. Potential employers, friends and yes potential dates. It gives off a lack of confidence vibe.
I want you to have those “feeling myself” days, probably not everyday (not even Bey feels it everyday), but you should experience them more so than not. Here are my top 3 ways to ensure you experience more than not.

Modern Rejuvenation facial

#1. Give yourself facials (once a week would be best)

It is very easy to do. Cleanse your skin very well. Use a scrub best suited for your skin type and skin concerns. Next, relax with a mask on for around 10-15 min. The mask should also address your skin concerns and is suitable for your skin type. This can improve your skin’s texture, pigmentation, tone and help with clogged pores. The main thing is you are giving yourself some time to love on yourself!


#2. Receive a professional service (at least once a month)

I know this is easier said than done. I can hear you thinking, “Who has time”, “I’m on a budget”. I understand, you don’t have to have a whole three hour spa service. Even if you get a fifteen dollar manicure. Maybe a ten dollar eyebrow service is all you can spare time or money for, it serves the purpose. It helps you remember that you are worth the investment, (even if it is a small one at first). It is also good to have a professional show you what you may not be doing correctly. Some salon and spas do complimentary consultations to direct you in the right direction regarding your SKIN, hair, nails etc…


#3. Update your make-up look

Thank Mr. Chen, Mr. Karim and Mr. Hurley because of them we have You Tube. So there are no excuses as to why you are still wearing the same makeup colors and styles from when you were in high school. If you are in high school currently, aren’t you lucky. A lot of us older ladies had a LOT of trial and error to go through, but i digress. We can now easily look on our computers or smart devices and find out what the latest trends are. Also, we can watch and learn how to achieve the trend. Technology is good! Of course there are blogs that will help in this area as well. Don’t forget the ever faithful magazines that will keep you updated and now give better (in my opinion) instructions.
The bottom line is this, we are all stars. We have to invest in ourselves, time and money in order to shine!

Always with love…
Shar the Star