What is IPL?

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What is IPL?

Are you looking for a treatment to rejuvenate your skin and reduce/remove blemishes and discoloration? We’ve added IPL (intense pulsed light) to our services to bring you the most advanced option for minimally invasive skin treatments.


IPL is a versatile treatment that can improve a range of issues from brown spots to reducing wrinkles to rosacea. The procedure stimulates collagen and elastin production, which can help reduce fine lines and shrink enlarged pores. IPL works by delivering an arc of light to penetrate all levels of the skin without harming the surface, targeting the vessels and pigment in your skin to cause them to slowly disappear. Since it doesn’t harm the surface, there’s little to no downtime.

IPL can also be used for hair removal – if you’re tired of waxing and shaving, laser hair removal destroys the hair follicle so that you’re left with smooth and silky skin without the stubble.

Procedure Details

During an IPL procedure, intense light from a broad spectrum of wavelengths is focused on the targeted skin area. While the IPL device is lightly pressed onto the skin, a transparent surface emits the light on the selected area. The science behind the efficacy of the IPL procedure is that the specialized light encourages the production of collagen which fills in lines, wrinkles, and scarring. The boost in collagen production also reduces redness, discoloration, and age spots. The area of the skin that has been treated is naturally healed by the body. Either small scabs appear on the skin which fall away in a week or the body’s lymphatic system removes the organic waste.

What to Expect

Most patients compare treatment with SR IPL as painless as being snapped with a rubber band, much less painful than a bikini wax. There is hardly any downtime however patients are advised to stay out of the sun for two weeks prior to and after treatment. The skin will have increased sun sensitivity after light exposure, therefore, sunscreen and protective clothing is advised.